💥 Troubleshooting

I need to proxy an image including its query params

URI Encode its pathname! Internally we will decodeURIComponent anyway, so given an image such as

🔗 https://via.placeholder.com/600x190/000.png?text=example

You would request it as if the filename was



🔗 https://resizer.pictures/_/via.placeholder.com/600x190/000.png%3Ftext%3Dexample

Don't encode the full image source. If you do so, Edge Resizer won't be able to identify its parts.

A transformation works in images.weserve.nl but not here

Internally, requested transformations are translated to searchParams as expected by images.weserv.nl. You can pass said searchParams directly and they'll be forwarded accordingly.

Photo by DesignCue on Unsplash

Searchparams that we don't explicitly support are passed as-is to images.weserv.nl.

For example, we don't support the syntax mod=[brightness multiplier],[saturation multiplier],[hue degrees] for the modulate, since commas have a special meaning for our router


This is the only way in which some transformations detailed on images.weserv.nl docs, which we don't explicitly consider, can be applied to your images.

You might wonder: "why not just use the searchParams and forget about routing?". Well: There was 💥 a very practical reason to implement our routing logic. But having compact and tidy URLs is nice by itself, isn't it?