📦 Deploy

Edge Resizer can be deployed on your (sub)domain. Just clone the repo, edit wrangler.toml populating account_id, api_token with yours, or using the (experimental) "Deploy with Workers" button:

Deploy to Cloudflare Workers

You'd probably want to have Edge-Resizer handle requests matching a particular path prefix (say /img o /thumbnails) instead of the whole (sub)domain.

If that's the case, please define a secret CF_ROUTE_PREFIX in your repo (if you're using the 'Deploy with workers' button) or replace the ROUTE_PREFIX variable in wrangler.toml as you see fit. Internally a route normalization step should make the leading slash optional.

The URL of the image you want to proxy should be appended right after the (optional) prefix

 https://<your_subdomain> / <prefix>? / <source domain> / <source pathname>

By default, the worker doesn't define a prefix, which means it'll try to match any route satisfying the routing logic.


To prevent unwanted routes to be "intercepted" by the worker, narrow its scope using ROUTE_PREFIX

another tip

To ensure a given route is handled by the worker when not using a prefix or a transformation, use _ as dummy prefix